Friday, October 16, 2009

What are your dreams mean?

What is your dream? This obviously has not been scientific answers. It is possible, and they pursue the path, and to maintain the operational efficiency of the brain. Some scientists believe that dream is a kind of classified and "file away" not adequately dealt with in a day thing. This may explain why such daily activities are often part of the evening's dream.
Dream seems to be necessary. In the experiment, to prevent people from waking up, at the beginning of the dream, they REM or "rapid eye movement" evidence accompanied by a dream. This seems to cause mental suffering, even though they are often just a manifestation of increased attempts dream. This has attracted an equal number of times, but at random, it seems not so much pain.
We need to dream, but we do not know why, we believe that the content of our dreams constantly importance. However, despite this dream a fundamental ignorance of what it means, we know that there are ways we can take advantage of our dreams. To follow a few examples. Dream on average entertainment
Sometimes it can remember a dream, it is better than most you ever seen the movie. Sometimes, not even dream of waking up, because it is so enjoyable. Maybe you want more such dreams may be.
You can wake up from a dream, and control. To be over the sea? Or to join the party? You may know that your dream home directly, if you know you are in a dream. This is the idea behind the sober dreams.
How does it work? Many people swear that they know and regularly monitored, and in their dreams. I was just a dream, I was there people who say that we in the dream is more (and the process, to prove that they wake up). If you do not sense more than anything is a dispute exists, but still not difficult to see how much fun, such as "may see the control of the dream."
A common method of inducing a clear dream, the "trigger", it reminds you that you dream about. This trigger can be any common object, do you think might be in a dream. If you select a clock, for example, when you see one, you say, "I dream can now do what I want to do. Once this habit is," you might say, if you clock in a dream that "wake-up "The fact is you are dreaming. Then, you can control and have some fun. Dream on average have the opportunity to solve the problem
I have been in my dreams I had some good advice. In fact, many of my site's pages began in a dream. To have creative ideas or solve the problem, your dreams, try the following.
1. To do something, your ideas or solutions to the field of intellectual effort. Think about it later write some notes, and explore solutions. This work signals the brain is an important theme or issue in order to ensure that they continue in its work the following sense.
2. Close alarm. When you wake up, of course, you are more likely to remember your dreams.
3. Keep your bed next to the tape recorder or pen and paper. Write down all the ideas, when you wake up at night, especially if you are beginning to wake up in the morning of.
4. Ray still wake up in the first look at your dreams. This process "sets" in your head, so you will not be so easy to forget. You can recall them, and then brainstorming search.
These technologies are not science, "confirmed." However, what has been clear dream, I can say that they are at least entertaining. Also using a variety of technology is the dream of good ideas – and always with more success than I do – I am convinced that there is one in this respect the value of our dreams of the game, if we fully understand the meaning of dreams.

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