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Dream Meaning - 9 Dreams reveals the rich and the spelling

Jesus in Matthew 13:25, said:
"However, in a man sleeping, his enemy came and planted weeds among the wheat and went his way"
The biggest danger is that we are faced with the spirit of place in the world, when we are asleep. There are 40 pairs of "weeds," he was to introduce a person's life types of issues when she was sleeping. If you have ever dreamed of, it is time to take action:
1. You eat or drink in the dream? 2. Do you have dreams of sex? 3. You swim in the dream? 4. If you are catching up or a cat or dog bites 5. You may be hit in a dream? 6. Do you have any unexpected dream? 7. She did not steal anything from you in a dream?
"I'm not dreaming, or I do not know what to do, when I dream." This is I have received the vast majority of people's views. However, God said what?
At work 33:14-18, we read: "God talk once, twice, but does not require a human being. In the dream, people who sleep in bed the night vision, while asleep, and then he opened the men ears, their instructions and seals, his resignation from his purpose and hide pride of humanity. He was always in the fall before the arrival of his soul from the pit with the sword, and his life. "
Therefore, all a dream. Even scientists agree.
In the new book "40 people have common dreams and prayers, 101 deal with these issues," I tell you that Britain has a newly married women, the real story.
She is a dream, a blond woman said she had never seen her house, directly to her wardrobe, grabbed her wedding dress. Prior to that she has gone, you can say: "Jesus is Lord."
Breakfast the next day, she said her husband. He laughed her.
If you know what will happen?
Later Indeed, the same day, two months, the husband filed for divorce. He seized and quit – you guessed it – blonde woman, who first appeared in the dream!
Dream Bible
At least 28 dreams of the Bible accounts. Some of these countries are:
(1) Joseph had a dream (Genesis 20) (b) The Pharaoh had a dream, (c) Solomon had a dream, (d) of the wise man had a dream) (5 warned Joseph in a dream run Baby Jesus (6) Pilate's wife had a dream.
Source Dream
From 3 sources of your dream:
(1) God (2) Satan (3) Meat
When is God's dream, to encourage them to insurance, comfort, guidance, instruction, guide, correct and performances.
When is a dream, before the enemy, Satan, this is absurd, mysterious, irrational, chaotic and horrific
If it makes your flesh, it reflects the general is that you have your mind occupied during the day, for example, from the media EGATIVE message, in idle conversation.
Danger, rather than a dream
If you think you do not have all of the dream is the real problem is recycling. If you do not own dreams when you wake up remember, face a double risk:
– If God wants you to speak, you will not hear.
– The enemy's presence and activities of life, still largely undiscovered.
The result?
1. They are what is happening with you, clueless, finance, health and marriage.
2. You will eventually get rid of the crisis of life crisis, but do not know why your prayers are not working.
Here is a dream of several serious mental effects:
– Until your childhood or your old school day – for you or your child a strong wind – by the strange baby wear – worn clothing – find yourself naked – losing your certificates – to the test session and did not complete the position, can be seen to – strange creatures you laugh (even the name of Jesus) – dialogue with the deceased relatives.
What does that mean?
The Bible says in James 1:22:
"But this word, not hearers only, deceiving your own doer."
Let us know about dreams, some real meaning, do oppose.
Dream # 1 – in the dream of
This is a disaster, any form of sexual intercourse have a dream. This is as a man or woman of spirit, the spirit of a ghost job. Their main purpose is to control, regulate, control, abuse, manipulation, theft and expropriation of the victims all goes well, her / his god. Through its activities, marriage, social, economic and financial news life is in ruins!
Yes, they have such power. If you can in your life, and they will suppress you pray for legal reasons – because you are married, whether you know it or not! Please do not be fooled, they are your husband or wife, and sometimes appear to participate.
How to do
You want to blame him / her master's name. Attacking this sense, all the weapons, they know. Binding, prevent you from re-visit the idea.
Make sure you do not have the crime of fornication or adultery, the positive – even in your hearts. Of these two criminal acts, like magnets, they will help you win.
Dream # 2 – the main theme is a dream
If you find that you want to talk about at any time to start doing things a particular dream is to give all efforts are in vain been the victim of you remember what we called the "devil's stability."
This dream is stable and maintained at the same level you are. You need the weapons of prayer and fasting. The impact of this stability may not be your entire life, but it is progress and achievement in life obstacles. You need to break the shackles of backwardness, and set himself free.
Dream # 3 – wedding dress
If you are from exposure to your dream wedding dress who steal or pollution staining (with blood or rags, etc.), which is a brutal attack on your marriage.
You need to fast and pray quickly, pull clothes will be returned. And then continue with, and claims that God's commitment to your marriage.
Dream # 4 – Bare
If you find yourself in the dream of clothes, which is a shame or uncertainty number (ie the enemy planning public shame).
The clothes you want to ask the Holy Spirit to you and your life every object of shame.
Dream # 5 – Jam
If you dream of driving in traffic jams, they are still is, until you wake up, this is a great plan, your car, depending on what God will give you to prevent a symbol. This is a dream, to show you the devil on your life policy.
Asked the Holy Spirit to send soldiers, and for your path.
Dream # 6 – Funeral
If you often you see your own funeral industry is to track with the spirit of death, during the enemy.
How to do
You need to disband the funeral, and with their pastor who performed the "agreement. You should avoid even at the time, even from the service. This is not a god. The people who where the only way to do that when your relatives or church members. They are agents of Satan.
Dream # 7 dream – to eat
If you find yoursef to eat in a dream (no matter what it is), shows you that your spiritual life has been poisoned. You may also cannibalism (Psalm 27:2), without knowing it. Therefore, the terrible disease has been introduced into people's lives – when they are sleeping, and even mentally retarded!
How to do
You want to ask the Holy Spirit remove them immediately. Here, you can learn to activate the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus, use it aggresively!
Listen carefully. If you are God's child, you should not experience such a dream. However, most Christians, they are still being ignorance, negligence or prayerlessness results.
You might well ask: "But I have so many years, such a dream, do not own things. I can also solve some things, undo Satan do?"
I have good news to tell you. The answer is yes, you can! "
Prayer job
I usually provide some instruction on this type of operation. I learned from some of these reports strong praise prayer.
A woman to pray, and reported that she saw a number of issues, how to come to her life.
The other one has seen the glory of God, this is her life the first time. Powerful stuff!
Here are 4 points before the prayer, prayer of your sleep (to avoid bad dreams):
1. Let me dream in the fire to deter any foreign body introduced the blood of Jesus Christ, Jesus's name.
2. Any destiny, dreams downgrade the name of Jesus to destroy it.
3. (Location in the head, your right hand), so a prayer for me the fate of each mask the dark, in the name of Jesus.
4. Lord, ah, the benefits of leaking secrets to me, in Jesus name.
There are 40 people who were praying together. . . Every night. And there are 101 prayer to deal with them. Q: Do you know what?

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