Sunday, October 25, 2009

Development and use of your mental reading ability

Mind reading can provide an information and entertainment. Everyone has the ability and psychological They just know how to tap into the identification and development.
In addition, the use of herbs, crystals, and the lunar cycle, the media can help improve those skills. Station and amulets to protect the reader's mind is also a valuable tool for spiritual power to protect the medium-term you may encounter when reading.
Because each thing we do in life, security is essential. To protect your own spiritual strength, while the reading is important to take a strong hat construction workers at work.
Imagine if an evil attack on the existence of, and how anxiety, depression and dangerous, possibly because. Thus, a few simple steps to prepare an integral part of the fortune-telling. These steps can help reduce and mitigate the psychological event occurs, the media is the most vulnerable read it.
In fact, there is a need to prepare for spiritual reading. Preparatory work for the protection of the spiritual strength to read the psychological evidence that he or she may encounter in reading. A psychic common practice is to use the evil spirits or forces, or charm amulets to protect their own psychological damage. In addition, the creation of a spiritual psychology of reading circle or perform clean room is a safe and accuracy of a component. Meditation and relaxation is also strongly recommended.
Decides that the working of the charm or amulet, or what kind of books is the most suitable for you often depends on your character from birth meant. For example, the telescope should be based on the birth sign of the fire is more suitable for reading what the ring, wax readings, lectures, or dice. Psychics will be under the water sign of it with the art of palmistry and clairvoyance to better provision of appropriate mental-time students. The Earth is characterized by signs in the field of psychological counseling for the use of runes or stones. Although the most suitable for the use of air signs astrology, I Ching, numerology, Tarot, or their psychological projections.
Increase the number of clairvoyance crystal and their spiritual power plants use. And strengthening properties of some typical crystals of quartz, feldspar and mother of pearl, pearl, and sapphire.
Apart from improving the lot of herbs, flowers and plant the spirit of abilitiy. I have included here some of these short-list. Cedar incense or essential oils can be used to improve their eyesight. The use of hibiscus flower divination skills. The use of honeysuckle flowers enhance mental ability. The use of jasmine essential oil, or incense to improve prediction capabilities. The use of orange oil fortune-telling skills to improve. The use of peppermint oil in order to improve your mental abilities. The use of rose oil or spent to improve the love of reading. Safflower medicines used to improve intelligence. Do not use oil or sandalwood incense improve their eyesight. The use of thyme grass, improving intelligence. In addition to the lunar cycle plays an important role in the spirit of energy.
Mind reading of the implementation of the full moon will greatly increase your mental abilities. This is because the increase with mental energy in this stage of the lunar cycle.
Create a shield is necessary and easy. For example, the moon produces a talisman to take a series of silver metal or cardboard one. Cutting the shape of silver metal or cardboard into a circle or disk. In a circular shield side drew a crescent moon pictures. The laying of the board, across the 199 Table 81 containers.
The upper left corner and the right to start the procedure to fill order37, 78,29,70,21,62,13,54,56,38,79,30,71,22,63,14,46 these figures, 47.7, 39,80,31,72,23,55,15,16,48,8,40,81,32,64,24,56,57,17,49,9,41,73,33, 65,25, 26,58,18,50,1,42,74,34,66,67,27,59,10,51,2,43,75,35,36,68,19,60,11, 52,3, 44,76,77,28,69,20,61,12,53,4,45 If you have completed the silver line the pockets of the moon amulet its storage.
With this basic knowledge and to provide a safe psychological reading of the basic tools possible. Remember that light and goodness will always be your authority, and not used for evil purposes. Enjoy the spirit of your ability and your light, spiritual joy, your reading with them.

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