Friday, October 16, 2009

Police officers passed the examination

In the police test new recruits for every one to participate and will have an opportunity before the adoption of rents. Must, in fact, you will through it, and then you will have an interview to determine whether the opportunity will go to rent. One would think that most people have worked very hard, because it pointed out that this is a good opportunity to put the work of landing a new career. This will not happen. Failure rate is 70%, which is an alarming rate. I do not want to scare you or anything. I would like to encourage you to work harder and police officers exams. The test is not too hard, nor is it the people, even though the police luxury. One problem is that the wrong people who are also unexpected. As the issue is the multiple-choice questions, your side is right or wrong, you can quickly fail if you do not understand a specific concept. I think that you have to understand is. This is not to say that these issues are difficult, and that is what you will be surprised. On the written form (words, grammar, spelling), mathematics, directional theme of the police test, reading comprehension, reasoning and memory. All of these issues only a few people by surprise. This is the math, memory and reading comprehension, resulting in the wrong answer. Mathematics, you are facing is not difficult. It's like scores, the percentage of basic things, and others. Study of these basic concepts, you can. Memory and comprehension is a multi difficult to study. Both follow a similar format, but. They give you a few minutes later, come back to something to it, and then begin to ask questions. That your memory for their pictures and reading skills, they give you a place to read. The right approach, this study is your own practice. Reading a book from a web page to ask themselves for their problems. Take a look at pictures to see, to see if you are sure it's something.

Author understand how the police exam.

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