Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tarot Reading and Free Tarot spreads

You can use the Tarot reading, why do you read this article, is curious. No one can give you, such as Tarot reading debt, is indeed a very interesting topic. Who does not know any of their own future, or some of our problems, more reliable and tested many magic eight ball, we say that the interests of the commonly used methods. Tarot is based on the belief anchored, there is a way to look at what to. Some people also believe that Tarot reading is basically unconscious "power and opening up, let go, what we already know what will happen in the future. The free flow of information and the Tarot Tarot reading data is expected to help on these opportunities, to achieve. Tarot deck is basically began. There are 78 cards in all 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 rarely used the secret card to play casino card looks like a normal. The main mystery card is as follows: 1 Fool2. In Magician3 . High Priestess4. In Empress5. In Emperor6. In Hierophant7. In Lovers8. In Chariot9. Strength10. In Hermit11. In the 12 rounds of wealth. Justice13. hung upside down Man14. Death15. Temperance16. In Devil17. In Tower18. In star19. In the Moon20. in the Sun21. Case of 22 small WorldThe mystery card has four kinds of colors, cups, staff, sword and split the money. its specific role is available online on the deck, you actually buy a separate definition of the table the most cards. difficult part of the reading Tarot In fact, if you already have your deck. This is called the spread. Free Tarot dissemination of information can be a lot of mystery shops, you can also use the local library to obtain a deep understanding about it. Here are some easy to use, the spread is a good attempt for beginners. 1. spreadThe card is four cards to create diamond shapes. The highest point is, love is the most left point represents your career, and the other end of the The key is appropriate for your financial situation. your health and well-being at the bottom corner. 2. SpreadThis a card is generally used and questions to answer yes or no. 3. 3 card spread cards placed in the horizontal position. The first card is that all With regard to the impact of the past. The second card is the current situation, you have to do, how do you deal with it now. the last picture of the future, what it meant, what you do now and your location will occur in the future of the site. 4. Celtics CrossThis spread a little difficult to use, but it is the most well-known, this is for beginners can also be very curious to try it. It covers almost all aspects of life, which is why it is very popular. It uses 10 cards, 6 to the cross, four vertical parallel. In addition to libraries and bookstores, but is actually a free Tarot on-line information dissemination such a large library to try your favorite Internet search engine to see what is best for your distribution.

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