Saturday, November 07, 2009

The meaning of dreams and pregnancy

When we dream, but also dream, we have a common type. These measures include the stomach Dream (food), psychological, future, precognitive, new information, knowledge, death, or spiritual leader and the ideological background of our spirit. Our consciousness, and did not control our dreams, they tend to free spirit, and our conscious thoughts to reflect.
Even if the scientific study of dreams, we must continue in all of our genetic makeup, so that other possibilities, if we dig deep and try to see what the dream of a divisive one. There are many in fact as a separate dream analysis to consider other factors. . .
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Under the influence of a dream of these important factors to consider when you zoom in to explain why people dream, they dream of what to do very quickly.
Analysis of pregnant women sometimes dream of a dream in order to meet your subconscious curiosity. For example, there are three pairs of pregnant women dream of the day and consciously think about them. Incubators, kissing babies and laundry stuff.
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But what is that each describe a dream? Infant incubators
Infant incubators is a dream to see you and your family better health signs. Chicken incubator is a sign to perform their duties. Get and give kisses
A sign of a kiss in the dream depends on the surrounding circumstances. A kiss between husband and wife between the content of the signs of unmarried people, they predict happiness. Anyone who kisses an old woman will suffer disappointment dream. Dream of kissing babies show a difficult task to achieve success. In the hypocritical kiss or a breach of ethics has always been a sign of illness or shame. Clean your body and clothes
If you have a dream of washing clothes in the bathtub to declare someone calls you, it will be fighting as a peacemaker between the lovers. Clothes washing machines that paid holiday. Cleansing the body's dream was a success, in the new company signs. If you're washing a baby in a dream, you will find happiness in your home.
Dream has been studied for centuries. . . Elderly people feel that this is a dream, when the soul from the body to send and receive, a spiritual unity.

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